"Beach Walker"

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Passions Heart
Productions, LLC.

Phone: (205) 821-5372
Birmingham, Al. 35243

"We PUSH Integrity. We PUSH Limitations. We PUSH SUMO."
Early in the year of 2004, a group of actors, writers, directors, and producers got together in an attempt to create more work for themselves. A selfish goal some might say, but our honesty to admit that combined with a unique sense of humor and our insatiable need to be challenged is what set us apart. When we said something, we did it. So what we're saying is….

We are dedicated to push against the seemingly insurmountable force of limitations in our lives as artists and individuals. We intend to do this through the development of new and underexposed works. We will not tie ourselves to any singular medium of expression. Whether it be film, theatre, printed word, dance, music or anything else you might find to be art; we strive to challenge our audience to live commercial free lives, boundary free laughs and a general fellowship of imagination based on integrity.



At "Pushing Sumo Production's" first meeting, the team found a photograph of a short, thin man pushing against this 500lb+ mountain of a sumo wrestler. The image made them laugh, but nonetheless, we invite you to “push sumo” along with us!

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Passions Heart Productions


Other Projects
Passions Heart Productions is in negotiations to produce a trilogy of shorts and a feature film in association with two other companies in Los Angeles, as well as a reality show to be shot on location around the Southeast.

Lesa worked with American Idol Productions during their Birmingham auditions in August. Over 10000 hopefuls tried out over 3 days. "Birmingham ...Where Idols are Born!"