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Pushing Sumo Productions

Lesa is currently working with Pushing Sumo Productions on their short, “Still” was submitted to several film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival in September, 2006 and premiered at Cinespace in Hollywood to rave reviews!

• Claire of the Moon's Lithograph - Beach Walker

In celebration of the 15th Anniversary of "Claire of the Moon", we present “Beach Walker,” which is officially authorized by the film's producer/director Nicole Conn, along with the artist, Mona Jones Cordell. It is available either in a signed limited edition or in an unsigned version.
Network Integration Concepts, LLC

• American Idol
During the weekend of August 19-21, Lesa worked with American Idol Productions while assisting in the Birmingham auditions for season six of American Idol.

Over 8 thousand hopefuls crowded the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Complex Arena to have their chance to be the next American Idol.

Executive Producer for the feature length
film of the award-winning short, "Gillery's
Little Secret" with Liquidfilmworks to be
called 'The Color of Secrets.'
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